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Please give a listen to our team's adventures via podcast.  Our current episodes have ranged from our experience on the Spartan Cruise in 2015 to the North American OCR Championships and some of our favorite local events such as Blizzard Blast and FIT Challenge!

​We have many more adventures planned such as returning to World's Toughest Mudder in Atlanta, GA!

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Other Great Podcasts

Another year, another recap episode with all of the funny moments from the show! It is a bit long and it is more than your average dose of Mike and Katelyn so don’t feel pressured to listen all in one sitting.

We hope that you have enjoyed coming along on the ride that was our show in 2018 and hope you look forward to more laughs in 2019!

Next weekend we will still be enjoying the off season! We will be putting out the 2018 important moments recap!

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